Staff Spotlight
Meet the Pine Tree Recovery Center Staff

Meet Randi Bruneau, Clinical Director of Pine Tree Recovery Center! Originally from Connecticut, Randi began her professional journey with Guardian Recovery Network in 2018. She has played a fundamental role in the clinical development of several GRN locations, including The Plymouth House and Bishop Health. Thank you for all that you do, Randi!

“I started with Pine Tree Recovery Center about 3 weeks after they opened,” Randi explains. “Back in the fall of 2018. I’ve been working in the substance use disorder and mental health treatment field for about 20 years. I received my undergraduate degree in Public Administration and Political Science, so my job right out of college was as a lobbyist in Washington. I took a hard left and became a Social Worker. I went back to school, got my Social Work degree, and started working for the suicide hotline right after graduating. I also took on a job as an evening counselor in a local recovery center. That was when I first got my start in the substance use disorder field, and I quickly recognized that the things that felt the most challenging for me were the things I was most passionate about and compelled to explore. The trajectory of my career was based on what was challenging at the time; crisis intervention, suicide, even working children and families. But substance use disorder treatment remained constant.”

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Her Personal Journey

Originally from Connecticut, Randi traveled to New Hampshire to begin her personal recovery journey at The Plymouth House. “I’m in long-term recovery myself,” she says. “I can attribute that to my time at The Plymouth House. I was there probably around 2004, nearly 20 years ago. My dream was always to contribute to an organization like The Plymouth House; like Guardian Recovery Network. I believe in the philosophy, I believe in the principles, I believe in the people behind making the vision come to life. I always said that if Guardian opened a facility in Maine, then that would be my dream job. When they opened Pine Tree Recovery Center I was very excited; I ran over to talk to them almost immediately. Now I work as the facility’s Clinical Director.”

A Typical Day In The Life

As the PTRC Clinical Director, Randi fills a variety of roles. “A typical day in my life looks like some training,” she explains. “I train other clinical staff members. I also work on clinical program development and help with program organization and reorganization. The role involves a lot of supervision, and I have a hand with the Guardian Virtual program as well. I always have one foot on the ground, and I love that part of the position. I am actively involved in running groups, working one-on-one with clinicians, and ensuring everything runs smoothly. My typical day looks different on a day-to-day basis.”

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Guardian Recovery Network Culture

When asked what she appreciates about Guardian Recovery Network culture, Randi says, “We really are like a family. We all help each other and fill in wherever we’re needed. I have my list of roles and responsibilities, I know what I’m supposed to do, and I do it. But like everyone else on the team, I often step outside of this role and contribute in a variety of ways. The clinical team at PTRC is really strong. Our IOP [intensive outpatient treatment] team is made up of really passionate and diverse clinicians. They love getting connected to the sober community that we have here. They are eager to learn and grow with the company. Our detox team is made up of incredible people who are dedicated to helping people. Not a lot of organizations operate like us, so the people that end up joining our team have the same passion for helping others and continuing to grow as professionals.”

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In Her Down Time

“When I’m not working, I spend time with my five kids, nine grandkids, and my husband,” Randi says. “I do yoga, I bike, I walk, and I stay busy and connected with the local recovery community. I’m busy; I’m really busy. My life is full.”