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Our Drug Detoxificiation Program

At Pine Tree Recovery Center our specially designed drug detox program was carefully developed by a team of compassionate and experienced professionals to meet the unique needs of each individual client. The symptoms associated with drug withdrawal can be severe, depending on the type of substance that was being abused and the length and severity of abuse. Our main priority is providing a comfortable, pain-free withdrawal experience in a private, homestyle retreat. In most cases, our medically supervised drug detox program lasts between 4-12 days, depending on the severity of associated symptoms and the detoxification techniques staff members are actively utilizing. Rather than undergo withdrawal in a state-run facility or sterile hospital setting, clients reside in private, beautifully decorated bedrooms and have access to 24-hour clinical care and numerous comfort-inspired amenities.

During the medical detox process we:

  • Conduct a highly personalized and in-depth medical and clinical evaluation, allowing medical staff to gain insight on the severity of the addiction, the substances abused and the length of time the substances were being abused. 
  • Assess the overall physical health and mental well-being of the individual client. 
  • Manage and actively alleviate all of the symptoms associated with drug withdrawal, effectively treating symptoms the moment they present themselves. 

Drug addiction is a physically, emotionally and mentally devastating disease. Those who have been suffering at the hands of drug addiction lose sight of who they are and what they are truly capable of achieving. Once an individual becomes willing to seek the professional treatment he or she so desperately needs, it is important to act quickly. Generally speaking, there is a small window of opportunity that must be taken advantage of.

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For this necessary first stage of the addiction recovery process, the individual undergoes physical drug withdrawal in a safe, supportive and medically monitored detox environment.

At Pine Tree Recovery Center we focus on several predominant detox-oriented goals, including:

  • Providing each individual client with a safe, comfortable and pain-free withdrawal experience, reducing physical discomfort with a variety of proven methodologies.
  • Effectively eliminating psychological cravings in order to prevent relapse.
  • Preparing each client for the next appropriate level of clinical care, and ensuring a smooth and seamless transition from medical detox to the next stage of the addiction recovery process.

Our Detox Programs

Medical drug detox is necessary to cleans the body of dangerous toxins and addictive substances without ever compromising client safety or comfort. Our drug detox program is expertly run by a team of dedicated and compassionate medical professionals, with combined decades of clinical and medical experience.

At Pine Tree Recovery Center we offer various drug detox programs including:

The Detox Services We Provide

Client safety and comfort are absolutely essential during medical drug detox, the first stage of a multi-phased curriculum of clinical care. At Pine Tree Recovery Center we offer a wide range of drug detox services, all geared towards ensuring an effective detox while prioritizing the comfort and well-being of each individual client.

The services and amenities we provide include:

  • An in-depth clinical and medical assessment – Upon admission to our drug detox program, clients undergo a thorough clinical and medical assessment. This gives our medical team insight into the specific needs of each individual client. We then develop a personalized treatment plan, one that takes all underlying and contributing factors of substance abuse and dependence into careful consideration. During the assessment we evaluate current physical health, personal history of physical and mental health, family history of substance abuse and all unique, underlying needs. Having a thorough understanding of each individual client allows us to develop a personalized and effective drug detox plan.
  • Around-the-clock access to quality clinical care – The safety of each individual client is absolutely crucial. Drug withdrawal can be unpredictable, and for this reason, 24-hour clinical care is absolutely essential. Our staff members are available all hours of the day and night to treat symptoms of withdrawal as they arise. Staff members are also available to provide clients with any additional amenities they require in order to make their stay as comfortable as possible.
  • Case management services – Each client is assigned a case manager upon admission. We understand how overwhelming the early recovery process can be for our clients and their loved ones. The case manager serves as the primary point of contact for the loved ones of the client, keeping them informed of progress and plans for the next stage of recovery. Case managers also ensure a safe and pain-free withdrawal process, checking in with clients on a daily basis.
  • Medication management services – When deemed necessary, our clinical team utilizes Medication Assisted Treatment services, administering research-backed, non-narcotic medications that have proven effective in treating symptoms of withdrawal while eliminating psychological drug cravings. MAT is unique to the needs of each individual client – we understand that the detox methods that work for one client might not be equally as effective for another.
  • Relapse prevention training – Relapse prevention is an important component of every successful detox program. We work with each client in identifying relapse triggers and developing healthy coping skills. Family involvement is an important component of relapse prevention training; we work closely with the family members of each client, offering insight on how to best help their loved one avoid relapse once the treatment process is complete.
  • A comprehensive family program – In addition to providing family members with relapse prevention education, we offer family therapy services and additional resources geared towards helping the loved ones of each client navigate the journey ahead.

We also offer numerous homestyle amenities, including chef-prepared meals, a fully-stocked kitchen that is accessible anytime of the day or night and professionally decorated, private bedrooms designed for client comfort and relaxation.

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Our Straightforward Admissions Process

Our comprehensive program of drug detox begins with a simple and stress-free admissions process. At Pine Tree Recovery Center we understand how time-sensitive seeking treatment can be. In many cases, there is a small window of willingness that must be taken advantage of as quickly as possible. For this reason (among others) we have carefully developed a multi-phased admissions process that is straightforward and uncomplicated. The process begins with an over-the-phone consultation, during which one of our Treatment Advisors asks the potential client a series of pertinent questions. Questions like, “How long have you been abusing chemical substances, and which substances were you actively using?” “Do you have any family history of substance abuse?” “Do you have any previously diagnosed, underlying mental health conditions?” These questions help us determine which level of clinical care is the most appropriate. If it is determined that medically monitored drug detox is the logical next step, our Treatment Advisors work with the loved ones of the addicted individual to figure out viable payment options. Pine Tree Recovery Center accepts most major insurance providers, meaning that treatment is likely covered partially or in full if you are currently insured. Click here for a free, no obligation benefit check. If you are uninsured or underinsured, there are numerous other payment options available, including self-pay and private pay. Once coverage is sorted out we set up a specific time and date for intake and arrange travel plans that work for everyone involved. If transportation to our facility is out of the question, one of our experienced drivers will be available.

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An Accessible Program of Drug Addiction Recovery

At Pine Tree Recovery Center we have carefully developed an accessible program of drug addiction recovery that is both effective and comprehensive. We understand how devastating drug addiction is for everyone involved, and we designed a program that relieves the stress the client and his or her loved ones might otherwise face. For more information on our unique program of drug addiction recovery and medical detox, give us a call today 24/7 at (888) 693-1751 or submit this online form click here. We look forward to speaking with you soon and getting you started on your own personal program of recovery as quickly as possible.