Aftercare Planning For
Long-Term Recovery

As a world-class inpatient medical detox center, the professional team at Pine Tree Recovery Center in Portland, Maine is deeply involved in helping our clients through the immediacy of detoxification and the early stages of rehabilitation.

However, our job does not end there. We stay involved with our clients’ care as they navigate their way back into a healthy and productive lifestyle with sober living. Our aftercare planning, which is an extension of our case management capabilities, continues to support our clients from our facility into the next phase of their recovery.

Resolve and Motivation

At Pine Tree Recovery we believe in giving each individual the strength and resolve to commit to the long-term process that is healthy living. Motivation often comes from seeing and feeling the benefits of a life without substance abuse and being able to maintain that lifestyle for the long-term.

Goals of Aftercare

No matter what kind of program in which our clients remain involved, the goals of aftercare are straightforward. Aftercare looks to support the user in; preserving recovery from drugs or alcohol abuse, finding ways to prevent a relapse, and in achieving a life filled with a sense of purpose and rewarding relationships.

This is a huge commitment from both the client and from Pine Tree Recovery, but it’s the proper route to long-term success and wellness.

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Monitoring and Support

In the first 12 months after detox, we look to support clients while they face situations which can easily lead to relapse. After 12 months, although risk remains, it’s greatly lessened. Our staff will go the extra step needed to minimize the risk of relapse via weekly progress calls and coordination of communication between the client, family and their support network.

With strong support, and when all are working together in unison, the client’s risk of relapse is greatly reduced.

Pine Tree Recovery Center’s Connections

Aftercare can affect almost any facet of life. An adult may find themselves without housing or a teen may need assistance with being re-admitted into school or completing their education. Treatment for mental health issues may be required or associated medical issues such as HIV testing or treatment might need to be addressed. We have many connections to such agencies and support services throughout the Portland area.

Sober Living

Returning home may not be the best decision for an individual; moving into a facility where there is just the right degree of help or support may be a better approach for someone who needs to develop the confidence and skills to stand on their own.

Pine Tree Recovery maintains relationships with halfway houses, residential re-entry centers, and similar facilities in the area and may be able to help with placement and enrollment if needed.

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Outpatient Therapy

Continued treatment, in addition to support, may also be needed and Pine Tree Recovery works with external facilities to enable the patient to take part in appropriate programs. The level of outpatient therapy can vary from weekly therapy sessions to much more intensive care that requires involvement in daily treatment services.

Our case managers will monitor the situation and help facilitate the move from Pine Tree Recovery Center to the best placement following successful detoxification and recovery.

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Finding the Best Support Groups

It has been proven that participation in support groups helps those in recovery to get well. Pine Tree Recovery will lend our assistance to find groups that suit the needs, beliefs and lifestyle of each client, whether non/religious, spiritual, purely educational, or otherwise.

We can help in the creation of a peer recovery network which connects the individual with their peers for continued understanding, compassion and positive reinforcement.

Pine Tree Recovery is adept at dealing with not only the initial and more immediate situations but will stay involved in our clients continued recovery as they build a new and healthy life for themselves.