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Cofinity Health Insurance is a leading health insurance network serving individuals and families. Cofinity Health Insurance prides themselves on offering widespread and affordable coverage and quality medical services to those in need. Some of the cost-saving solutions they offer include urban, suburban and rural access to healthcare, a wide range of solutions for out-of-network claims, a national dental network and simple administration and implementation. Cofinity Health Insurance also covers many behavioral health services in full – including the recovery-related services offered by Pine Tree Recovery Center.

In 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was signed into law. This law has three main initiatives, including:

  • Make affordable healthcare available to a wider range of individuals and families, regardless of their demographic or current financial capability.
  • Expand existing Medicaid programs (Medicaid is a federal and state program that helps those with low income levels afford quality healthcare).
  • Support innovative methods of healthcare delivery with the goal of lowering costs across the board.
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The Affordable Care Act also mandated that behavioral health services be considered necessary medical expenditures by most major insurance providers. This essentially means that medical detox and addiction treatment must be covered in full by insurance companies such as Cofinity Health Insurance, which is a small division of the major national provider Aetna. If you are currently covered by a major regional or national provider and you are curious about how much of your addiction treatment experience is covered, give us a call at (888) 693-1751 or submit the insurance verification form online. Our treatment advisors will gladly provide a free, no obligation insurance benefit check over the phone in a matter of minutes.

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What is In-Network Coverage?

In-network refers to healthcare facilities or individual healthcare providers that are part of an insurance network’s range of providers for which policyholders receive a significant discount. In many cases, the services these providers offer are covered in full. When we say that Pine Tree Recovery Center is in-network for Cofinity Health Insurance, we are simply stating that all of the recovery-related services we provide are potentially covered in full, leaving Cofinity policyholders with no out-of-pocket expenses and – as a result – eliminating a great deal of financial stress.

Medical Detox & Addiction Treatment

Medically monitored detox is a necessary part of the addiction recovery process. Once a client is admitted to a medical detox facility he or she undergoes a safe and pain-free drug or alcohol withdrawal under the close supervision of a team of medical professionals. At Pine Tree Recovery Center we ensure a safe and comfortable withdrawal in a homestyle retreat environment. Client comfort is our number one priority and our team of professionals utilizes a number of proven detox methods to ensure that the entire process is as pain-free and efficient as possible. In some cases the symptoms associated with drug or alcohol withdrawal can prove to be life-threatening when not closely overseen. We provide around-the-clock care and a wide range of additional services and amenities to help lay a solid foundation for lasting recovery. Once a client has been deemed physically and mentally fit to continue on with the next appropriate stage of clinical care, he or she is generally transferred into our residential treatment program. Here intensive therapeutic care continues, and clients begin to develop essential life and relapse prevention skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Our Services Covered by Cofinity Health Insurance

  • Medically monitored detox: Medical detox is necessary for those who are experiencing any symptoms of drug and/or alcohol withdrawal. In a medical detox facility, clients are treated by a team of experienced medical professionals and symptoms of withdrawal are closely monitored so that they do not result in any serious health-related complications.
  • In-depth clinical and medical assessment: Upon admission to ur program each client undergoes a personalized and comprehensive medical and clinical assessment which helps our team develop an effective and individualized recovery plan. If significant progress is not being made, additional assessments will be conducted throughout the treatment process.
  • Case management services: Clients are also paired with a case manager upon their admission, who walks them through every phase of the recovery process and stays in close contact with their loved ones, keeping them updated and progress and future plans.
  • Therapeutic services: We offer individual, group and family therapy services through the course of every treatment program. Therapy helps uncover all contributing factors of substance abuse and dependency while restoring healthy family functioning.

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  • Family-related resources: In addition to family therapy the family members of our clients will have access to a wide range of beneficial services and resources.
  • Relapse prevention training: Relapse prevention is essential to the maintenance of long-term sobriety. We begin teaching clients how to effectively overcome relapse triggers as early as in medical detox.
  • Thorough aftercare planning: Aftercare plans typically include an extended stay at a sober living house, a continuation of individual therapy and daily involvement in a 12 step program of addiction recovery.

Our Comprehensive Curriculum of Care

Pine Tree Recovery Centers of a carefully designed, comprehensive and highly individualized continuum of addiction treatment services. We believe that no matter how severe a substance abuse disorder has become it can be effectively treated with some dedication on the part of the treatment team and on the part of the client him or herself. Sadly, many men and women who are in desperate need of quality care fail to seek it, either because they believe they cannot cover the cost of treatment or because they are unaware of the extensive resources that are readily available to them. If you are ready to begin living an entirely new way of life simply give us a call today and we will get you started on your own personal journey of comprehensive healing.

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Our Simple & Straightforward Admissions Process

At Pine Tree Recovery Center one of our main priorities is ensuring that every single step of the recovery process is as simple and stress-free as possible for everyone involved. We understand that early recovery can be a tumultuous time for our clients and for their loved ones. Attempting to smooth out all of the finer details can seem stressful and overwhelming – especially if you attempt to go it alone. Fortunately Pine Tree Recovery Center staff members are available to help every step of the way. As soon as you make the decision to seek the professional clinical care you both need and deserve, our team will be there to take the reins. Simply give us a call and we will conduct a pre-assessment and a free, no obligation insurance benefit check over the phone. The assessment helps us determine whether or not our program of addiction recovery best suits your personal needs and requirements. If it is determined that our program is a good fit, we set to work checking your current benefits. If you are currently insured through Cofinity Health Insurance or another major provider there is a very good chance that most or all of our recovery-related services are covered. Once coverage is sorted out we develop a date and a time for intake and arrange viable travel plans.

At Pine Tree Recovery Center we believe that quality clinical care should be readily accessible to all those in need. For this reason, we work with major regional insurance providers like Cofinity Health Insurance to ensure that adequate healthcare is being provided to residents of Maine. For more information on our comprehensive program of recovery or to learn more about existing coverage options, simply give us a call today at (888) 693-1751 or submit this online form click here. We look forward to speaking with you soon.