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Substance abuse and addiction in America is one of the biggest public health epidemics in modern history. Addiction can affect individuals, families and even full communities. A recent report from the Surgeon General of the US estimates that one in every 7 people will deal with a substance abuse issue in their lifetime.

The important thing to remember about addiction is that it’s a chronic disease. It requires consistent, comprehensive and individualized treatment in order to avoid relapse. Seeking addiction treatment at Pine Tree Recovery Center helps to ensure you or your loved one have access to highly credentialed clinical and medical staff and luxury accommodations to keep you feeling comfortable, safe and healthy as you transition to the next phase of your recovery.

Unsurprisingly, many people have cost as a top of mind concern when it comes to seeking treatment. Thankfully, most health insurance companies offer coverage for services related to addiction treatment services. Anthem serves one of every eight Americans through its affiliated health plans. As one of the largest health companies in the US, Anthem understands the major role it can play in making sure people facing addiction have access to comprehensive health coverage – including coverage for substance abuse treatment services.

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With the right support and treatment services, long-term sobriety is very possible. Having access to the right treatment from the right professionals is the most important element of early success.

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Anthem and its affiliated health plans have a large network of providers located all around the country. These providers are specially licensed to treat both addiction and the mental disorders that often co-occur with addiction. Anthem’s comprehensive behavioral health coverage is predicated on the fact that the insurer places an emphasis on the relationships between mental and physical health. Treating one aspect of a member’s health inevitably helps the other aspects.

Anthem’s health plans generally cover the following services related to substance abuse and addiction treatment:

  • Hospitalization, including acute inpatient and partial
  • Treatment and detoxification in a residential setting
  • Intensive outpatient treatment and regular outpatient treatment
  • Extensive access to Care Managers who are expertly trained to assist with finding you the addiction and behavioral health resources you need

Insurance Coverage for Pine Tree Recovery Center Services

Seeking treatment for addiction and pursuing sustained recovery is an incredible step for a person to take. The idea of cost may seem overwhelming or deteriorating, but the good news is that your Anthem health plan will shoulder much of the cost responsibility.

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When you or your loved one are ready to seek treatment for substance abuse, it is a good idea to get as many answers as you can upfront about the cost of care. To get the answers you need, make sure to complete the below list and touch on the points when communicating with a Pine Tree Recovery Center Treatment Advisor:

  • Clarify what levels of addiction treatment care are and are not covered. Specifically, be sure to ask about assessment, detoxification services, treatment settings, and related hospital coverage.
  • Ask about what your personal responsibilities are for cost-sharing, such as co-pays, deductibles, and maximum out-of-pocket expenses.

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Here are some questions regarding addiction treatment insurance coverage:

  • Inquire about what levels of care are considered covered addiction treatment services. Ask about assessment, detoxification services, treatment settings, and any applicable hospital coverage.
  • Clarify what you should expect when it comes to co-pays, deductibles, and maximum out-of-pocket expenses.

Contact Pine Tree Recovery Center’s Treatment Advisors online or call (888) 693-1751 for more information regarding Anthem insurance coverage available.