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Inpatient Medical Detoxification

When an individual uses a chemical substance of any kind for any length of time, he or she eventually experiences symptoms of withdrawal upon abruptly stopped use. Withdrawal is one of the telltale symptoms associated with substance dependency. If an individual truly wants to recover from substance abuse or dependency, experiencing the symptoms of withdrawal associated with his or her drug of choice is all but inevitable. However, while these symptoms are typically physically and psychologically devastating (at the very least, harshly uncomfortable), entering into a medical detox facility helps to make the withdrawal process as pain-free as possible. Pine Tree Recovery Center offers a comprehensive and highly individualized program of drug addiction recovery – which must always begin with a short-term stay at an inpatient detox facility in order to be effective long-term. The level of clinical care that we provide is truly unmatched, and cannot be found in any state-funded detox facility or traditional hospital setting. Our team of clinical, medical and therapeutic professionals has worked hard to develop a comprehensive and individualized detox program that takes the unique needs of each client into account, while offering a pain-free and comfortable withdrawal experience.

At Pine Tree Recovery Center we successfully manage crises. We have created our center with the understanding that when people come to us, they may be in deep distress; emotional, physical or mental pain because of an addiction to opiates or other substances. Our duty is to provide the support and medical care needed to safely stabilize those with substance use disorders and pave the way for clients to take back control of their life. Pine Tree provides you with the ultimate support needed to transition from your crisis into living a healthy functioning life once again.

Inpatient Detox and Our Detox Programs

Inpatient Detox is necessary whenever an individual has been abusing a chemical substance for more than one or two weeks. Even if the withdrawal symptoms are relatively mild, they must be overseen by a team of medical professionals in case any complications should arise. Additionally, inpatient detox is necessary in that it offers a safe and secure environment in which clients work closely alongside case managers and develop a plan for immediately transitioning to the next appropriate level of clinical care. In the vast majority of relapse cases, an individual returns to using his or her drug of choice in between medical detox and inpatient treatment. One of our goals at Pine Tree Recovery Center is ensuring that this transition is as seamless as possible, with no window in between detox and rehab.

Our Practical Approach

While we’re here to provide support throughout the entire detox process, we believe in empowering each individual, so you’re able to take actionable steps towards complete and long-term wellness and health. At Pine Tree Recovery Center we create a partnership with each and every patient we care for. We will provide the tools our clients need to remain on the road to wellness. We teach our clients how to use these tools to avoid triggers, temptation, and most of all, to avoid relapse.

A Comfortable Environment

Studies have proven that withdrawal in a safe and secure facility which is out of reach of every day temptations provides great assistance through the first stages of rehabilitation. Our facility, located a mere ten minutes from downtown Portland, Maine is a modern medically equipped center which provides a home-like atmosphere for those in need of our help. Our in-house chef provides nutritious meals to help the body recover from past neglect. Our facilities also provide stimulus and help our clients remain active for the benefit of physical and mental activity. Our rooms provide a safe, secure, and serene space for clients to relax and focus on your recovery.

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The first step taken is to eradicate the drugs or alcohol from our client’s system. The path taken regularly depends on which substances were used and the client’s personal circumstances. At Pine Tree Recovery Center we have developed proprietary medical detoxification protocols which will safely see the client through withdrawal and prepare them for the next stage of your recovery.

Our center provides 24/7 medical supervision and our experienced staff knows just what kind of physical and emotional help our clients need at this pivotal time in their life.

The detox programs we provide include:

We also offer dual diagnosis treatment services and trauma-informed care for those who are living with unresolved trauma. No matter what substances were being abused and what underlying, contributing factors are present, Pine Tree Recovery Center is available to help.

The Services We Provide

We provide a wide range of recovery-related services to our clients, including:

  • Crisis intervention – We help with a loved one or friend in need with our crisis intervention service. Our immediate goal is to guide the patient away from addiction and the crisis that it’s created, and into the safe and knowledgeable hands that our center provides. Once at our facility, our specialized medical staff will devise and establish a program that’s well-suited to your individual withdrawal, detox, and recovery needs.
  • 12 step program immersion – At Pine Tree Recovery Center we believe that 12 step program involvement is crucial to long-term sobriety. We bring 12 step meetings into our detox facility every evening. If clients are feeling up to participating, they are more than welcome to. We also provide clients with 12 step program education during group sessions, preparing them for the road ahead.
  • Intensive therapeutic services – We offer individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy sessions. Clients have the opportunity to participate in one-on-one therapy at least once a week, and group therapy sessions take place daily. If family members so choose, they have access to family therapy sessions available to them. Therapeutic intervention is an important part of every stage of the overall recovery process.
  • Medication assisted treatment services – When it comes to drug detox, medication assisted treatment is often a vital component of the comprehensive recovery process. Medications like Suboxone, for example, alleviate the worst of the physical symptoms associated with opioid withdrawal while reducing psychological cravings. Medications will be administered and closely monitored by one of our on-staff prescribing physicians. Our goal is to provide each client with a pain-free detox experience.
  • Case management services – A case manager is assigned to each client upon their admission. The case manager walks the client through the detox process, helping him or her develop a thorough treatment plan and aftercare plan. It is also the role of the case manager to communicate with the client’s loved ones.

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  • In-depth aftercare planning – Case managers also develop in-depth and personalized aftercare plans, which typically include admission to an inpatient treatment center or an intensive outpatient treatment program. Aftercare planning is essential to success in long-term recovery. Once the withdrawal period is over, Pine Tree provides a blueprint to wellness based on the client as an individual for their aftercare. Everyone who comes through our doors leaves with a plan for continued sobriety and the support needed for a bright, drug-free future.
  • Family-oriented services – At Pine Tree Recovery Center we believe that in order for a client to maintain long-term sobriety, his or her family must heal as a unit. Addiction devastates the family unit, compromising healthy functioning and leading to emotional distress across the board. We offer intensive family therapy and provide the family members of our clients with an extensive resource list.
  • Holistic treatment methodologies – Effective addiction recovery focuses on healing the physical body while restoring emotional and mental well-being. At Pine Tree Recovery Center, we tackle the whole individual by offering comprehensive and integrated treatment. Some of the holistic treatment methodologies we commonly employ include massage therapy and physical therapy for pain management, acupuncture for the alleviation of withdrawal symptoms and yoga/meditation for physical and emotional health.
  • Unmatched amenities, geared towards client comfort – Our private, homestyle facility comes equipped with all of the comforts of home – along with several additional amenities. Clients stay in private, well-decorated bedrooms, they have 24-hour access to a well-stocked kitchen as well as three daily, chef-prepared meals, the ability to relax in comfortable common areas and finally, access to around-the-clock medical services.

Our main priority is ensuring a comfortable and pain-free withdrawal, regardless of the severity of associated symptoms. The services we provide are geared towards laying a solid and lasting foundation for long-term recovery, and success during the next stage of intensive clinical care.

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Our Simple and Straightforward Admissions Process

At Pine Tree Recovery Center we have carefully developed a multi-phased admissions process designed with our future client and his or her family in mind. We understand how stressful living with active addiction is for everyone involved. As soon as an individual commits to receiving professional treatment, our Counselors lead from there. Simply give us a call and we will conduct a brief over-the-phone pre-assessment, which ultimately helps us determine whether or not our clinical program is the best fit. If we believe that a different level of clinical care would be more appropriate for the unique case, we will point you in the right direction. If it is determined that Pine Tree Recovery Center is an ideal fit, we conduct a free, no obligation insurance benefit check. We accept most major insurance providers, meaning that there is a good chance the entire treatment experience is going to be at least partially covered – if not covered in full. Once the insurance benefit check is complete, our Treatment Advisors set up a date and a time for intake and help develop viable travel plans.

Our main priority is making the entire admissions process as simple and stress-free as possible, from start to finish. We believe that quality clinical care should be readily available to all those who are suffering at the hands of a substance abuse disorder. Our treatment program is easily accessible and effective. We sincerely believe that long-term recovery is possible for everyone no matter how severe the addictive disorder has become. For more information on our program of inpatient medical detox, reach out to us today 24/7 and speak to a Treatment Advisor by calling (888) 693-1751 or submit this online form click here.