Admitting to yourself and to your loved ones that you need professional help in order to overcome addiction is truly the most difficult part of the entire recovery process. Coming to terms with the fact that you can never safely use drugs or alcohol again is overwhelming in and of itself, and it takes a great deal of bravery and self-awareness to become willing to do that and seek the help you need. The next step is finding a recovery center that meets all of your specific needs and figuring out how you will cover the cost of treatment. In many instances, your health insurance provider will work with you to cover some or all of your treatment costs, from medical detox to inpatient drug or alcohol rehab. If insurance coverage is not an option for you, we offer self-pay treatment options. At Pine Tree Recovery Center we believe that quality addiction treatment should be available to everyone that needs it. Regardless of your current circumstances or financial situation, we will do everything in our power to ensure that you get admitted into a professional, comprehensive treatment center as quickly as possible.

Self-pay options are ideal when insurance does not cover the cost of treatment, if you do not have health insurance to begin with, or if you have been to detox before and have used up the amount allotted to addiction-related medical expenses. First off, we will work with you and your insurance provider to see what portion of detox and treatment will be covered – if any. If we find that insurance coverage is not a viable option, we will help you explore potential self-pay options. Whatever your needs, we have them covered. Our top priority is getting you the care you need with or without health insurance.

Private Pay Options for Pine Tree Recovery Center

When it comes to private pay, we at Pine Tree Recovery Center provide many potential options. Many individuals who have struggled with active addiction find themselves in a place of financial insecurity, seeing as the disease of addiction renders people completely powerless – unable to practice fiscal responsibility, unable to successfully budget or plan ahead. For this reason simply writing a check might prove to be an impossibility. If that happens to be the case, there are numerous other steps that you can take in order to get the financial backing you need to begin your own personal journey of addiction recovery. Take a look at the following options:

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  • Look into acquiring a personal medical loan from your bank or financing company.

Some financing companies actually specialize in medical costs, and attending medical detox or inpatient drug or alcohol rehab is definitely considered a legitimate medical expense. Many times, those who provide a personal medical loan will work with you to limit accrued interest. These loans are available without any collateral.
Your bank or financing company may also be able to offer you a medical loan with collateral. While you will have to prove that you are in good financial standing, have had a viable source of income for at least the past several years, and have a good credit score, interest rates are typically much lower (or non-existent, depending on your personal bank or credit union). If you are unsure which option would be better – a personal medical loan or an unsecured personal medical loan – reach out to us for further guidance and advice.
  • Seek a private loan from a trusted friend or family member.

Asking a close friend or relative for a personal loan is a good option if you still have some trusted and financially capable people in your corner. However, active alcoholism and drug addiction tends to make people behave in ways they would never normally behave – and this erratic behavior frequently includes stealing money in order to continue supporting their habit. If you engaged in manipulation to obtain funds while active in your addiction seeking a personal loan from a loved one might not be the best route. Remember that it takes time to rebuild trust. If your addiction has not caused too much damage to your interpersonal relationships and you are serious about and dedicated to your recovery, this is a good option – seeing as personal loans are generally interest-free and you will be able to acquire all of the finances at one time.
  • Special loans can be put towards offsetting treatment costs.

Our financial advisers will work with you to determine the best course of action. Some individuals may be eligible for special loans that offer financial assistance. Such loans can be put towards the cost of your insurance deductible or the amount you are self-paying. The application is fast and simple, and we will walk you through the process every step of the way.
  • Other financing options.

There are other financing options available, and our job is to help you find which one is the best-suited for your specific needs. If you have limited financial resources we are able to work with you and develop a reasonable payment.  An entire world of resources is available, and we will help you sift through them all and find the best option.

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The sad truth of the matter is that close to 90 percent of all individuals who need professional help fail to receive it – however, this isn’t because the help isn’t available to them. No matter your current circumstances we will help you receive effective professional care in a timely manner. At Pine Tree Recovery Center, your recovery truly is our top priority. For more information on our self-pay program or on additional financing options, reach out to today. We are standing by to offer all of the guidance and support you need to begin on your own personal journey of recovery.

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If you have additional questions regarding the self-pay or private pay options at Pine Tree Recovery Center, reach out to us today and we’ll help you determine which option is right for you. While financing treatment might seem overwhelming it truly doesn’t have to be. We have experience working with those of all financial backgrounds and we understand that committing to a drug detox program is stressful enough in itself. Our job is to make the overall process as easy as possible for you while working hard to ensure that you are getting the professional care that you need. We are more than happy to explain how our self-pay program works and do everything we can to get you started on your own personal journey of recovery as efficiently as possible. Give us a call 24/7 at (888) 693-1751 and talk to one of our Treatment Advisors today.