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At Pine Tree Recovery, our premier Inpatient Medical Detox Care Center in Portland, Maine, we believe in the value of holistic and individual case management.

Substance and alcohol abuse and dependency affect far more than just the individual concerned. From the abuser’s perspective, there are physical, mental and behavioral issues associated with their pattern of abuse as well as a high probability of troubles concerning their livelihood, healthcare and housing. For friends and loved ones, there are even more worries that can compound the problem. How do you get help for the ones you care about most without causing problems with your relationship and inciting trust issues? Where do you find the best help when all parties involved are overwhelmed?

Pine Tree Recovery Case Management

Case management is about addressing the wide range of issues our clients are facing. Getting clean through detox is an important step, maybe even the most important step, but if the individual is not taught to deal with the situations that trigger abusive behavior, there’s a much lower chance of them staying substance free. Case management covers the entire process.

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Case Management from Now Until Whenever

Pine Tree Recovery looks at case management as an ongoing process. A case manager is a mentor and an ally for the individual as well as being someone who is personally committed to their recovery.

It all starts with diagnosis. This is usually an intensely clinical phase preparing the client for treatment and being ready to deal with the implications and side effects of detox.

Our science-based treatment will help facilitate the client’s safe withdrawal from whichever substance was abused, in a secure and confidential environment. This allows the client focus on getting well.

Monitoring and Assessing Progress

Part of the role of the case manager is to observe our clients as they progress toward wellness. This may include advocating on behalf of the client with external agencies or serving as a point of communication with families and friends.

At Pine Tree our case managers believe that clients need to develop the resolve and motivation to stay on the right path. Case managers are trained to look for a loss in either quality (resolve and/or motivation) and have a wealth of experience, tools and therapies that they commonly adopt to make sure the patient’s needs are properly accommodated.

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Family Involvement

Family support is essential in long-term wellness, especially for younger people. Sometimes parents can become disillusioned and may blame themselves for the family predicament and find themselves terrified at the thought that their other children may develop a similar drug or alcohol abuse issue.

Our case managers help parents get the resources they need to walk this tightrope of fear and blame; from education, which will help the family better understand what happened and how it was most likely not a parenting failure, to how to communicate with younger children about the topic of drug abuse, and the best way(s) to get/stay involved in their child’s treatment.

Each case manager has the experience needed to help patients and their families with the issues being faced and will help secure the right resources and support as needed.

Clinical Case Management as a Cornerstone of Health

There are so many facets involved in substance abuse that it takes time to work out the influences and implications. Pine Tree Recovery case managers have a longer-term view. The medical team will be there to address the patient’s medical needs 24/7 during withdrawal and detoxification. After which, they may only be required for check-ups, medical evaluations and continued administration of medication.

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    The case manager is there for the patient throughout the entire recovery process. They are the ones who help our clients make their way back to living a healthy lifestyle in the outside world. They look wider and deeper than the obvious. It’s the clinical case manager who will look at co-occurring disorders and mental health issues not directly associated with the addiction.

    With a Pine Tree Recovery case manager there to oversee each patient’s care, there’s always a dedicated point person who’s intimately involved in helping the client through the entire recovery process. It is like having your own personal backstop.

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