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At Pine Tree Recovery Center, we believe in comprehensive and highly individualized clinical care. In order to provide individualized care during every phase of the recovery process, we must regularly conduct in-depth medical and clinical assessments to determine where each client is in his or her recovery program. Before a client enters our program, we conduct a four-part evaluation, which includes a medical, psychosocial, physical and psychological assessment. This initial evaluation allows us to adequately determine the unique needs and clinical requirements of each individual client. From here, our team of medical professionals, addiction specialists, licensed therapists and psychiatrists and case managers works to develop a viable long-term treatment plan. This plan takes all substance abuse issues, medical concerns and mental health conditions into very careful consideration.

Within 24 hours of a client’s arrival at Pine Tree Recovery Center, he or she will undergo a series of in-depth evaluations. It is important that we thoroughly assess each client before determining which detox methods will be the most beneficial, seeing as our main priority is ensuring that the overall detox process is as pain-free and short-lived as possible. However, we do not stop with physical stabilization – at Pine Tree Recovery Center, we believe that medically monitored detox should set a solid foundation for lasting and fulfilling recovery.

Personalized Medical Evaluation

Addiction is a highly complicated and all-encompassing disease. Individuals who suffer at the hands of addiction will inevitably undergo severe medical complications. After all, active addiction implies that chemical substances are being ingested on a daily or near daily basis – and it is impossible to ingest chemical substances safely for any extended period of time. Upon admission to Pine Tree Recovery Center, our clients undergo an in-depth medical evaluation which will help us determine the most suitable course of action. The evaluation will take a close look at personal history with substance abuse, family history with substance abuse and any underlying and pre-diagnosed medical conditions. We take all aspects of a client’s health into careful consideration. Not only do we address addiction, but we address any underlying medical conditions as well. This helps us treat symptoms of withdrawal in the most effective way possible.

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During the medical assessment, we will look at:

  • Any past physical injuries
  • Any underlying illnesses
  • Past surgical procedures
  • Any medications that the client is currently taking or has taken in the past
  • The medical history of the immediate family
  • Any known allergies

Thoroughly understanding the medical history of each individual client will help us better treat symptoms of withdrawal as they arise.

In-Depth Psychosocial Evaluation

In addition to conducting an in-depth medical evaluation, our staff members will conduct a psychosocial evaluation. This part of the overall assessment product helps us gain insight to the way the clients perceive themselves and interact with the world around them. Addiction is a complicated disease in the sense that it is not solely a medical condition. Addiction often stems from unfavorable social circumstances and perceptions. Effectively treating an addictive disorder means identifying all underlying and contributing factors. For example, an individual who was consistently peer pressured into experimenting with different chemical substances will have a differing set of motivational factors than an individual who began using chemical substances to combat social anxiety. In one case, the best course of treatment is building up an entirely new friend base, complete with ample sober supports. In the other case, the best course will be to effectively treat the underlying anxiety-related disorder. Psychosocial evaluations help us further determine underlying psychological concerns and contributing social factors. At Pine Tree Recovery Center, we treat the individual comprehensively.

Physical Evaluation

Once the medical and psychosocial evaluations are complete, the client undergoes a physical assessment. Intake staff members will take the blood pressure, heart rate, temperature and other vital signs of the client before admitting him or her to our program of recovery. Drug and alcohol screenings will be conducted during this point of the admissions process, and withdrawal symptoms will be identified. It is crucial that our staff members know which chemical substances are present in the bloodstream so that they know which symptoms of withdrawal to expect – this way, symptoms can be effectively treated as soon as they arise.

In many instances, individuals who suffer at the hands of substance abuse originally turned to chemical substances as a means of self-medication. It is very common for addicts and alcoholics to simultaneously suffer from chronic pain. At Pine Tree Recovery Center, we believe in helping our clients find alternative methods of effective pain relief. For this reason we offer a range of pain reduction services, including massage therapy, acupuncture, physical therapy and yoga. During the physical assessment it will be determined which of these additional services will be the most beneficial.

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Psychological Evaluation

The psychological evaluation helps our staff members determine whether or not any underlying mental health conditions are present. At Pine Tree Recovery Center, we offer dual diagnosis treatment services for men and women who are suffering at the hands of addiction and mental illness. We treat a wide range of mental health conditions, from depression and anxiety (which are exceedingly common) to bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and personality disorders. Our on-site psychiatrists conduct in-depth evaluations if a client has a history of mental illness or if he or she has been presenting symptoms of mental illness. If deemed necessary, the psychiatrists prescribe non-narcotic medications to help alleviate mental health symptoms. In some instances, brain functioning normalizes within the first several months of sobriety. In other cases, antipsychotic medications are necessary longer term. Again, this depends on the individual and his or her unique needs and requirements.

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A clinical and medical assessment is a necessary first step on every recovery journey. Our team of experienced and compassionate professionals work together to ensure that the level of clinical care we provide is truly unmatched. In order for addiction treatment to be successful long-term, medical, emotional, physical and psychological issues must be addressed simultaneously. Our program of recovery is integrated, meaning that all existing conditions are effectively tackled. Our team is made up of a wide array of experienced, compassionate and dedicated professionals, from licensed therapists and psychiatrists to case managers and prescribing physicians. At Pine Tree Recovery Center, we do everything in our power to ensure that your first treatment experience is also your last – and that if you have been in treatment beforehand, you never experience a relapse again. We prioritize the needs of each individual client.

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At Pine Tree Recovery Center, we believe that effective addiction treatment need only take place once. Sadly, many individuals enter a rotating door of medical detox, inpatient treatment and eventual relapse. This is partially due to the level of clinical care they are receiving. What sets our comprehensive and individualized treatment program apart from the rest is our attention to detail. The in-depth and personalized assessments that we conduct leave no stone unturned. If you are interested in learning more about our program of recovery or getting started on your own personal recovery journey, give us a call today.

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