The commitment to sobriety is one of the biggest commitments that you will ever make – and really, it is a commitment to self. To self-betterment, to pushing forward despite adversity, to making your recovery a priority above all other things. When it comes to staying committed to recovery, there are several key points that must be taken into consideration. Above everything else, remember that this one word is one of the most important you will ever say. Without long-term uncompromised commitment all of the hard work you have put into your journey thus far will be for naught. The actual definition of the word will vary from person-to-person, but at its core it means the same thing – never give up despite the challenges you will inevitably face.

At Pine Tree Recovery Center commitment means sticking by the side of each and every one of our residents for as long as they may need our help. We take the belief that commitment is a fundamental component of recovery and we do our very best to lead by example.

Tips for Recovery Commitment

There’s a big difference between agreeing to do something, being interested in doing something, and actually committing to following through with it. You might be interested in living a life a sobriety but if you don’t resolve to stick with a solid program you might find yourself struggling more than is necessary. We’ve compiled a short list of helpful tips – tips that will help you stick to your guns and make the very most of your personal journey of recovery.

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1. Develop Patterns and Personal Practices

Living sober doesn’t just mean staying away from drugs and alcohol. It means creating healthy patterns and practices in your life and sticking to those patterns to the very best of your ability. Routine is your best friend! Finding a routine that works for you can be fun and exciting because you’ll have the freedom to experiment and get to know yourself on an even deeper level. Regular attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings should be a part of every recovering alcoholic’s or addict’s routine. So should prayer and meditation (best when bookending your day – done in the morning upon waking and at night, before going to sleep). Try out other healthy patterns that you can incorporate into your routine and practice commitment when it comes to those patterns. For example, commit to taking five yoga classes per week. When you have healthy structure and stability in your life you are more inclined to practice commitment in other areas.

2. Realize That Drinking or Taking Drugs is Not An Option

If you find yourself saying things like, “I’m not drinking right now,” or, “I’m taking a break from drinking,” you’re setting yourself up for a slip somewhere down the line. It’s important to make the distinction between a serious recovery commitment and a casual agreement to stop drinking or using for an undisclosed amount of time. Along this same vein it is important for you to change things in your life up so that drinking is never an option. At least in early recovery making lifestyle changes that supplement your decision will help bolster your recovery and strengthen it for years to come. This means removing yourself from triggering situations which could include changing career paths, removing yourself from unhealthy relationships (romantic relationships and friendships), and finding somewhere “safer” to live (if you’re surrounded by people that drink heavily and use drugs).

3. Surround Yourself With Committed Peers

As the saying goes, “Water seeks its own level.” This essentially means that those who are doing well will attract other people who are doing well. On the other hand, misery loves company – those that aren’t doing well will attract people who are also struggling. Another saying goes, “Fake it until you make it.” In this context that means that even if you are struggling or you aren’t as strong in your sobriety as you’d like to be, surrounding yourself with committed peers will help you gain self-confidence and resolve. A great place to meet people who are solid in their recovery is in 12-step treatment programs. Raise your hand in the meetings and share where you’re at and look for people to talk to that have shared a message that speaks to you. Furthermore, getting a sponsor with years of recovery under his or her belt will help immensely. You will be able to rely on your sponsor for support and ongoing encouragement.

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Recovery Services and Lifelong Commitment

There are innumerable services available when it comes to staying committed. While you are committing to yourself you definitely don’t have to completely rely on yourself. As mentioned before 12-step programs are a great resource when it comes to support, encouragement, and inspiration. We at Pine Tree Recovery Center also offer our own recovery services geared towards helping those who have graduated from our program stay committed to their recovery long-term. Our staff of experienced and deeply compassionate professionals will always be available to help you through any tough times or to answer any recovery-related questions you might have. We also have a long list of resources ranging from therapists and psychiatrists to support groups… feel free to ask if you need any additional help!

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Living sober is a lifelong commitment which may seem a little bit daunting at first. But remember, once you begin to truly believe that drinking is no longer an option things will get a lot easier for you. Additionally, the longer you stay sober the more you will realize that nothing compares to the fulfillment and authentic happiness that recovery brings to your life. Getting sober is the best gift you will ever give yourself – and the best gift you will ever give to those you care deeply about. At Pine Cone Recovery Center we will help you obtain and each and every one of your personal goals each and every step of the way. We are committed to helping you become the best version of yourself and remain that way for the remainder of your life.

Reviewed for accuracy by:

Randi Bruneau

Randi is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor and Supervisor who has over 20 years of experience in the field of mental health and addictions. She has worked in both clinical and administrative leadership roles and also has extensive career experience in gender specific trauma treatment, crisis intervention, structural family work and substance use disorder treatment and supervision.