Opiate Detox Program

Medically-supervised opiate detox is the safest way to maximize recovery and comfort while minimizing risk. At-home and so-called “rapid” opiate detox centers can lead to dangerous withdrawal symptoms and potentially life-threatening complications, and they don’t offer the vital services that address the complex psychological and behavioral issues that are often so intertwined with opiate use disorder.

At Pine Tree Recovery Center, we strive to keep our clients as comfortable as possible. Our high staff-to-client ratio enables clinical and medical staff to monitor each client carefully, ensuring safe stabilization and administering medications as appropriate to relieve discomfort.

A Detox Program That Plans for the Future

Opiate withdrawal is arguably the most challenging part of overcoming addiction, but it’s temporary. Pine Tree’s team of credentialed clinical and medical professionals take great care in designing individualized opiate detox plans that prioritize client comfort and safety.

Our Opiate Detox Program is an immediate solution that focuses on short-term stabilization, so clients can quickly overcome physical dependence on opiates while preparing for the next phase of treatment. We utilize a holistic approach that promotes long-term healing and lasting recovery, evidenced by our clinical offerings.

Once medically appropriate, Pine Tree clients engage in individual and group therapies, where they begin to address the underlying issues that contribute to and are exacerbated by substance use disorder.

This way, when clients are ready to transition to the next appropriate level of care, they’ve already established a solid foundation of knowledge, awareness and motivation, setting them up for continued success.

Why Detox at Pine Tree Recovery Center?

Opiate withdrawal can be uncomfortable, which is why relapse is so likely to occur within the first 2-3 days if you attempt detox on your own. It’s so important to detox in a fully licensed, accredited facility that can keep you focused and engaged while maintaining your health and safety. There are a few key features of our Opiate Detox Program that will help you feel more comfortable and motivated as your mind and body begin to stabilize:

  • Optional in-house 12-step meetings.
  • Recreational activities and exercise.
  • In-house chef and full-service kitchen stocked with healthy, nutrient-dense foods.
  • Educational sessions.
  • Clinical and medical oversight 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Case management services.
  • Aftercare planning services.
  • Clinical services, including individual and group therapy.

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