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Crisis Intervention

When it comes to crisis intervention, you’re in safe hands at Pine Tree Recovery, the premier Inpatient Medical Detox Center, located in Portland, Maine.

When a loved one is in crisis, reaching out for help on their behalf may seem like a betrayal, but often it’s the best thing you can do for them. Professional help will get your loved one safely through the immediate crisis and onto the road to recovery in a way that you could never do on your own. Sometimes the best way to help is to seek help from the professionals.

Why choose crisis intervention?

In the realm of substance abuse, a crisis can take many different forms. But anyone who is facing drug abuse is most likely suffering from mental, physical or behavioral distress…or a combination of all three. It can be tormenting for the affected party and equally anguishing for those who care for them. Even with the best of intentions, people without training and hands-on experience dealing with such a problem are typically unsure of what to do to gain the best results. This is why seeking professional help is the best course of action.

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Trained and licensed interventionists

All Pine Tree Recovery interventionists are experienced and licensed to help people in crisis. They have seen abuse in all forms and the subsequent issues that come along with it and they know how to best manage the immediate crisis and create a plan to get to the next stage – detox and recovery.

When you call us, our interventionists understand the severity of the situation, your desperation, and fully understand that you need help. We are here to provide that help.

Creating a plan of action

The interventionist will create a plan of action, devise the right team of professionals needed to help and speak with you about where and how the distressed individual will be safest, as well as the approach needed to engage your loved one in a desire to change.

The next step is to plan admission into our residential facility where the patient can safely go through the detox process. At this time our team will begin to work directly with the affected person regarding the appropriate therapies to help them work towards a successful recovery.

Taking care of everyone involved

Substance abuse does not only affect the person with the addiction. Friends and family become deeply affected as well. Parents will sometimes be concerned about the effects of the abuse on younger siblings and even how it’s affecting their own relationship. Our staff provides resources for education and clarification as everyone comes to terms with the immediate situation as well as the process for long-term recovery for the entire family.

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Warm and welcoming facility

At Pine Tree Recovery Center, we offer an embracing, comfortable environment so that your loved one can feel safe and secure with us, and ready to start on their road to recovery. Our 24/7 medical staff will ensure that patients go through the detox process safely, and with all the medical attention they need. Meanwhile, our staff of therapists will consult on which types of therapy will help the individual once detox is over and prepare them for a full revival.

Throughout the entire process, our goal is to help people affected by substance abuse to stand on their own two feet once again and give them the tools they need to live a healthy, productive and drug-free life.

Our approach

We understand that every person and every case will differ from the last and believe in an individual approach to sobriety. We use a proprietary medical detoxification protocol that safely and comfortably removes the individual’s dependence on substances and prepares them for the next level of care.

We also believe in our clients’ need to participate in the program and be an integral part of their own recovery success story. After intervention and detox, our goal is to engage our clients in actionable steps towards securing a life free of drugs and alcohol.

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Crisis intervention is the beginning not the end

At Pine Tree Recovery, our focus is on building resolve and motivation to kick-start the recovery process. Seeking help and making it through the initial crisis is the first step towards regaining a healthy lifestyle. Our experience and capabilities will help you through all the stages needed to reach complete wellness.

Learn more about the ways we lay the groundwork for a lasting recovery by speaking with one of our Treatment Advisors 24/7 at (888) 693-1751 or contact us online click here.