Inpatient Medical Detox Care in Portland, Maine

At Pine Tree Recovery Center, we successfully manage crises. We have created our center with the understanding that when people come to us, they may be in deep distress; emotional, physical or mental pain because of an addiction to opiates or other substances.

Our duty is to provide the support and medical care needed to safely stabilize those with substance use disorders and pave the way for clients to take back control of their life. Pine Tree provides you with the ultimate support needed to transition from your crisis into living a healthy functioning life once again.

Crisis intervention

Our immediate goal is to guide the patient away from addiction and the crisis that it’s created, and into the safe and knowledgeable hands that our center provides. Once at our facility, our specialized medical staff will devise and establish a program that’s well-suited to your individual withdrawal, detox, and recovery needs.


The first step taken is to eradicate the substance(s) from the client’s system. The path taken regularly depends on which substances were used and the client’s personal circumstances. At Pine Tree, we’ve developed proprietary medical detoxification protocols which will safely see the client through withdrawal and prepare you for the next stage of your recovery.

Our center provides 24/7 medical supervision and our experienced staff knows just what kind of physical and emotional help you need at this pivotal time in your life.

A practical approach

While we’re here to provide support throughout the entire detox process, we believe in empowering each individual, so you’re able to take actionable steps towards complete and long-term wellness and health. At Pine Tree we create a partnership with each and every patient we care for. We will provide you with the tools you need to remain on the road to wellness. We’ll teach you how to use these tools to avoid triggers, temptation, and most of all, relapse.

A comfortable environment in which to become well

Studies have proven that withdrawal in a safe and secure facility which is out of reach of every day temptations provides great assistance through the first stages of rehabilitation.

Our facility, located a mere ten minutes from downtown Portland, is a modern medically equipped center which provides a home-like atmosphere for those in need of our help. Our in-house chef provides nutritious meals to help the body recover from past neglect. Our facilities also provide stimulus and help you remain active for the benefit of physical and mental activity. Our rooms provide a safe, secure, and serene space for you to relax and focus on your recovery.

Steps to living an ordinary life

When you come to us at Pine Tree you will be assigned a case manager. Your case manager will be there to support you from your first through your last day spent with us. They will be very familiar with your case, and with you, and will liaise with our staff on your behalf.

They will converse with your family and keep them up to date on your progress. The case manager also provides the essential link connecting you with sources of help and therapies provided outside of our center.

The key strength of the case manager is to help you get the resources you need to stay involved and engaged in your own recovery from the very beginning.

After care

Once the withdrawal period is over, Pine Tree provides a blueprint to wellness based on the client as an individual. Everyone who comes through our doors leaves with a plan for continued sobriety and the support needed for a bright, drug-free future.

Recovery Is Possible

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We can help you achieve and maintain lasting sobriety.


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