Pine Tree Recovery Center’s team of credentialed clinical and medical professionals are experienced in providing personalized care that helps clients detox safely and comfortably, and sets them up for continued recovery success. In addition to our Medical Detox Program, we also offer several complementary detox center services that enable us to tailor our services to further meet our clients’–and their families’–needs:

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Crisis Intervention

Severe physical, mental or emotional distress that stems from substance abuse can be challenging for clients to cope with, and in these situations, they lose their ability to solve these problems on their own. Pine Tree’s crisis intervention services are designed to immediately guide someone into our detox center where they can confront and overcome their challenges quickly and effectively before they evolve into something more serious.

As a subsidiary of Guardian Recovery Network (GRN), we utilize the same intervention tactics that have successfully guided 98% of GRN clients into treatment.

Using a combination of education, awareness-building and conflict management, as well as an individualized approach, we can conduct a crisis intervention that offers immediate, short-term stabilization, that motivates your loved one and connects them with the addiction treatment resources they deserve.

Case Management

A case manager is one of the most valuable assets a person can have in recovery. Pine Tree clients work one-on-one with case managers throughout detox to plan for future phases of treatment. A case manager is an ally and mentor who coordinates their client’s care with the rest of the Pine Tree treatment team, ensuring that the client is receiving the standard of care they need; serves as a point of contact for family members; and helps connect the client with the resources they need to stay involved and engaged in recovery.

Aftercare Planning

Permanent recovery is possible, but it requires comprehensive planning. At Pine Tree, our aftercare planning services are an extension of our case management program. A good aftercare plan provides a viable path toward total healing and serves as a blueprint that outlines exactly what steps a client needs to take to maintain recovery. Upon admission and throughout detox, we obtain a thorough, holistic understanding of each client so we can develop a quality aftercare plan that helps them stay focused and engaged.

Family Involvement Services

Although family involvement usually isn’t common during this phase of recovery, we recognize its importance and offer services that engage the family as long as it’s appropriate for everyone involved. As anyone who has experienced addiction will tell you, addiction doesn’t just affect the person who is abusing drugs or alcohol–it affects the entire family. Our family involvement services help clients and their families repair relationships and restore family dynamics through counseling and education at our detox center.

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