Family Dynamics

When going through a substance treatment program at Pine Tree Recovery’s secure and safe facility, it’s often the perfect time for family members to better understand what caused the current situation and to gain a new perspective on both the individual’s and their own behavior.

Inpatient facilities have the advantage of removing the individual from the environment that enabled the substance abuse and removes the distractions, aka triggers, as they progress through science-based addiction therapy.

Pine Tree Recovery’s family involvement services are in place for families to take advantage of counseling and education at this time to help repair relationships and restore a healthy family dynamic.

Real Help and Assistance, Not Just Understanding

Family members watching someone with a substance abuse issue flounder, also experience heightened emotions. They may be afraid to lend help due to past backlash or they just may not know where to turn for the assistance they know is so desperately needed. Or they may feel angry or resentful about the damage caused to the family unit by the issue at hand.

We Are Here For You

At Pine Tree Recovery we help the client make their way through physical dependence, then begin the process of mental recovery. The program, although effective, is even more effective when it’s supported by family.

We offer patients and family members educational programs at our detox center to help everyone involved understand their part in what took place and how they can be of great assistance once the client is ready to leave our care.

Breaking the Cycle

Difficult as it is to hear, past behaviors of the patient’s family members may have played some role in the substance abuser’s problem. Family members may not be aware that their own behavior may have helped the user stay in the cycle of addiction. Of course, no one can blame family members for not seeing the connection or understanding this dynamic, especially if it’s a new situation.

Trained professionals help family members understand what signs to look for when relapse is a concern, and what they can do to provide continued recovery support.

Open Discussions Through Family Therapy

When families have lost the ability to communicate, or perhaps never had it in the first place, family therapy sessions can help open the conversation between the individual and family members in a safe environment for all parties.

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One role of the therapist is to be the facilitator for conversation. Sometimes the person in rehab may need the support of the therapist just to begin the conversation. The therapist can teach all family members new and useful communication methods and tools to help them better understand what the addict is going through.

The therapist will be able to point out behaviors which typically shut down communication and provide techniques to keep them open.

Having these conversations at Pine Tree Recovery gives all parties a neutral ground to help clarify issues and move towards a new standard of healthy communication.

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Families Heal

A substance abuser may not want to discuss their abuse with family because of the extreme personal nature of the problem, but as the entire family is affected by the problem it makes sense that at least some of the family is involved in their recovery. Pine Tree Recovery Center helps the user to better communicate with their family, and the family to become more understanding and supportive.

If you or your loved one has made the decision to begin treatment, we want the whole family to be involved. Learn more about how family involvement in addiction treatment can lead to a lasting recovery by calling us 24/7 at (888) 693-1751.